How to Have a Kick-A Weekend in Noosa Heads

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You’ll be shocked to discover how much there is to do in Noose Heads. Even with a fully packed weekend, you’ll still be itching to come back for more new experiences. From beautiful warm clear water and soft silky sand, to rolling hills of Aussie wildlife and magnificent views, to a bustling and vibrant town full of ice cream. Noosa is a perfect weekend getaway.


Evening: Camping

All you need is your tent, sleeping bag, and a reservation. Head to Noosa Woods, at the end of the Hasting Street. There you’ll find a large campground with plenty of parking. Set up your home for the night and then huddle around a campfire as you munch on any classic campfire snack. Do be aware of the possums. You’ll hear them rustling around in the trees munching on their food, with eyes reflecting the light of your headlamp. They most certainly are not afraid to get in on the campfire goodies and eat your s’mores.



Morning: Run/Walk

Skip that heavy breakfast and head straight to the hills. At the other end of Hastings Street you’ll find a flight of 200+ stairs taking you towards the Noosa Lookout Point. You’ll find yourself surrounded by health and fitness locals, pushing themselves up and down and these stairs. Once at the top of the stairs, continue straight on the road and it’ll lead you to the lookout (about 1 mile one way). Feast your eyes on the magnificent view that you worked so hard to get. Don’t mind the cars parked next to you. Your effort to get up there by foot makes the view much more enjoyable.


Mid-Morning: Swim

Head to Main Beach to splash around and to wash up. The beach is usually well crowded because (1) it is easy to get to, (2) shops and restaurants are only 50 meters away, and (3) it truly is a beautiful and fun beach. Noosa Heads is nestled away in a bay and therefore there is not much of a current to ruin your swimming fun. There are, however, small waves, so grab a body board and glide through the water.

Afternoon: Paddle Board

Just before Noosa River meets the ocean, you’ll find a very interactive sound. Some parts of the sound are higher up and get exposed during low tide, revealing small sand islands. Adventure seekers come to this area to swim, sail, fish, play with their dogs at the dog beach, or (my favorite) paddle board. Rentals aren’t too bad – $30/2 hours – and 2 hours is plenty of time for your arms to get tired. Paddle out to one of these exposed islands and claim it as your own.


Late Afternoon: Hike

Noosa Heads is a National Park which boasts 5 different tracks leading you to coves, cliffs, reefs, beaches, and more. You can choose to hike one track, taking you less than an hour, or you can do all 5 tracks, taking you several hours. Regardless, you’re likely to jump into the water along the way so bring your swimsuit. And keep your eyes up, Koalas are common sighting in the park!


Evening: Surf Club

You are bound to find a surf club in every Australian coastal town or city. They famously known throughout Australia and are now a restaurant and bar. Noosa gets pretty quiet after dark, but you’ll find all the crazy late-nighters at the club. With dinner, drinks, a DJ and dancing, horse races to bet on, and a candy machine to play with, you’re night is set.



Morning: Surf

There are plenty of places to surf. The easiest to get to is a popular wave break between Main Beach and Little Cove. If you continue northeast you’ll find Tea Tree Bay and Winch Cove. There are also well protected areas and typically have perfect surfing waves. And they are much less crowded. However, you do need to hike to them (5-15 minutes). If you want waves, seclusion, and an adventure, then head to the Spit, paddle across the Noosa River, and surf along the Noosa North Shore beaches. Because of its harder access, you’ll find fewer surfers there. Just remember, the waves are best early morning, so try to be out on the water by 7 am.

Afternoon: Relax

Chances are, you’ll be exhausted from surfing all morning and you’ll be ready for a nap on the beach. And maybe because you’ve been out in the sun all weekend, you’ve got some gnarly tan lines. Let’s soften up those harsh contrasts. Drive about 20 minutes to Sunshine Beach. Park your car and go for a short nature hike along one of Noosa Heads tracks towards Alexandria Bay. You are unlikely to find signs once in the National Park, so do look at a map before you go. Within 15-20 minutes you’ll find yourself standing on soft white sand, staring at the blue crashing waves, and staring at butts…human butts…everywhere. There are not just butts, but lot more, like full on exposure. Alexandria Bay is an unofficial nudist beach – you’re likely to find nudists on the south side and clothed swimmers on the north side. Everyone has got to try it at least once. So strip off those shorts or bikinis, and get rid of those tan lines.


Late Afternoon: Shop and Eat

Before you leave town, be sure to walk Hastings Street and discover some local talent. You will find street preforms playing music as you stroll by, magicians steeling the wonder of children, and a variety of jewelry. But don’t forget to eat what the town does best, ice cream. There are several ice cream parlors to choose from, and you’re very likely be waiting outside in a line (because it’s that good).


These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. There is plenty more to do in the beautiful small town. You’ll be begging to come back for more.



How to Have a Kick-A Weekend in Noosa Heads
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